Body piercing injuries may create Problems for NHS

Body piercing injuries may create Problems for NHS

A study carried out jointly by the Health Protection Agency and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and released by the British Medical Journal has provided firm figures showing the rise in the numbers of people with body piercing. The growing popularity of piercing to parts of the body other than the ears has led to an increase in the numbers of people seeking medical attention because of complications arising from their piercings.

Complications include swelling, bleeding and infection and, more seriously, blood borne infections such as hepatitis B or C, both of which are potentially life-threatening and piercing of the tongue, genitals and nipples were most likely to cause problems.

Doctor Angela Bone, one of the authors of the research, commented that “if it remains fashionable, in the near future one in two women will have a body piercing and there will be more complications”. She believes that this increase could present a “substantial burden” on the NHS and stressed the importance of using a specialist body piercing clinic to prevent the likelihood of complications.

Over a quarter of those people that have had a piercing reported problems and half of these had to seek medical attention. If you have suffered complications following a body piercing you may have a case to claim compensation.

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