Bank cashier injured in accident at work

A bank cashier has been successful in her personal injury compensation claim after she sustained a fractured ankle due to an accident at work when she fell.

Jackie Edwards had been seconded by her employer to a different branch of the well known bank Lloyd’s TSB. She had been asked to carry two metal boxes from one of the safes to one of the cashiers. However, Jackie fell when she failed to notice that there was a step in her path.

As a result of this accident at work Mrs Edwards sustained a fractured left ankle, sprained her right ankle and also sustained injuries to her knee. However, she has stated that warning signs had been put up to warn employees of this step and potential hazard.

After the accident at work occurred, Mrs Edwards instructed her solicitors to pursue a personal injury compensation claim on her behalf against her employers, as she was forced to take more than 6 months off work to recover from the injuries she sustained. Also while she was recovering from her injuries, she was required to care for her elderly mother, who was registered as disabled and unable to care for herself.

Mrs Edwards’s solicitors managed to secure a compensation for injury payout from her employer and she was awarded £9,000 in compensation.

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