Making a Will at Macks Solicitors is a straightforward procedure. Indeed many of our clients comment that they didn’t realise that the process was easy and had they done so they would have made a Will years before.

The first stage is to make an initial appointment to see one of our specialist Solicitors to take your initial instructions.

We can arrange a meeting at one of our three offices in Middlesbrough, Darlington or Redcar. Alternatively, if you find it difficult to travel, we can make arrangements to see you at home or in a hospital or nursing home.

We appreciate that appointments within usual office hours may not suit everyone so we can arrange early morning, late evening or even weekend appointments if needs be.

It is helpful if you can bring with you to the initial appointment the names and addresses of people whom you would like to mention in your Will but don’t worry if you don’t have that information as it is not essential for the first appointment.

Once we have ascertained your full instructions we will prepare a draft Will which we send out to you for your consideration at home.

Subject to any amendments or alterations you may wish to make we will then arrange a second appointment to oversee the signing of the Will.

At the second appointment, Macks Solicitors will arrange for two independent witnesses to be present to ensure that the Will is properly signed and witnessed.

Thereafter we will provide you with a copy of the Will and retain the original in our strongroom for safe keeping on your behalf.

Let Macks Solicitors take the stress out of making your Will, giving you peace of mind that everything has been done correctly and that you have made proper provision for your loved ones.

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