Wills and Probate Lawyers without the jargon

Retired couple Janet and Les Nichols, from Nunthorpe, trust the expert Probate Lawyers at Macks to look after all their legal affairs.

“David Graham drew up our Will, dealt with a property sale for us and also looked after my mother’s affairs when she had to go into a home and there were some quite complex property issues to deal with,” says Janet.

“I can’t speak too highly of him, he’s always been superb for us. You go to see some wills and probate lawyers and they can be a bit stuffy, but when you sit down with David you feel like you’ve known him forever.

“He’s particularly good at cutting through all that legal jargon and explaining things in simple language.

“He cuts straight to the chase. You can also email or speak to him at any time and he’ll reply straight away.

“He’s brilliant and the staff at Macks are all so friendly.”

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