Reliable Legal Advice Every Step Of The Way

Cyclist Richard Williams, 40, from Sheffield, was injured when a motorist turned in front of him in January 2013. He was sent hurtling over the car, hitting his head as he landed and having to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

He found Macks Solicitors after consulting fellow cyclists on internet forums for their recommendations. Macks helped Richard win compensation for his injuries, as well as money to replace his expensive carbon-framed bike.

“I looked at cycling forums for people who’d had bike accidents and Macks’ name kept coming up as a good company,” says Richard.

“At first I was more concerned about getting the bike replaced than about the injuries. It was quite an expensive bike, a Moser, costing between two and three thousand pounds.

“Initially I didn’t think my injuries were too bad. I had concussion for a couple of weeks and found it difficult to remember things, but then I got a problem with one of the knees.

“Paul was very good from the start. The other party’s insurer offered me a one-off payment, but Macks advised me not to take it until I knew how bad the knee injury was.

“The knee took about a year to get better and Macks paid for me to see a specialist during that time.

“It was good to have reliable legal advice every step of the way. My solicitor was always on the ball and I didn’t have to worry about anything.”



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