Recommended Asbestos Lawyers

Newsagent Dave Longstaff, from Marton, was given the devastating news that he had asbestosis about four years ago and is now seriously ill.
“I had a cough and went to the doctors and he sent me for an x-ray. After that I had a CT scan and then went to see a specialist and then had another scan.

“They eventually diagnosed asbestosis and tracked it back to 40 years ago, when I worked at ICI as a process worker.
“Back then we didn’t worry much about asbestos, we knew it was there but we were never offered any protection. It was no big deal in those days.

“Asbestos was used to lag the pipes and when there was a leak, a fitter would knock it off with a spanner right under your nose and you’d breath in the dust.”
He knew Macks had a reputation as expert compensation lawyers and has been delighted with the service he has received.
“Anthony’s been great from the start and got everything sorted out quickly,” he said.

“The insurers representing ICI sent me to Gosforth for an examination and after that they didn’t really argue, except about how much the settlement would be.
“We could have taken less but Anthony said we should hang on for more money. He waited until they offered what he thought was right and then we accepted. Would I recommend the asbestos lawyers at Macks? Yes, absolutely.”

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