Personal Injury Solicitor Was ‘Absolutely Fantastic’

Auto electrician Lee Smith, 46, from Oldham, was cycling at speed along a straight road between Rochdale and Middleton when a driver suddenly pulled out in front of him without indicating.

The impact sent him crashing to the ground, causing painful injuries.

“I had concussion, bumps and grazes all over and road-rash down my backside and legs,” says Lee. “But I was lucky. There were no broken bones and fortunately there were no cars behind me, because I would have been run over.

“The girl driving the car was very apologetic. She said straight away that she hadn’t looked before she came out.

“I had a carbon-framed Trek bike that had cost about £3,500. I had it checked out and there were hairline cracks, so it was a write-off.

“The girl had said she’d pay for any damage, so I wasn’t going to do anything else at first.

“But my girlfriend said I needed to go to hospital and then she found Macks Solicitors on the internet.

“Macks were absolutely fantastic. I felt a bit bad about claiming, but he made me feel comfortable with what I was doing. “They kept me up to date all the time, were easy to deal with and put me at ease.

“I got a cheque for the bike pretty quickly and then I got another one for my injuries.

“I would use Macks without a second’s hesitation if ever I needed a personal injury solicitor in the future. They were brilliant.”

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