Slips/trips in public places

Can I make a claim if my accident happens in a public place?

If you have been involved in an accident in a public place such as a shop, supermarket, hospital, library, theatre, bingo hall, bank or restaurant and sustain injury you may be entitled to claim for compensation. Your claim will be pursued through the public liability insurance of the establishment. Common causes of slip trip or fall accidents are spillages which leave the floor slippery and dangerous under foot, badly maintained footpaths, potholes, poorly lit or unmarked steps and obstructions/tripping hazards on the floor. If your accident occurred on a council owned footpath or road please see our Highway Tripping Claims page as your claim is likely to be against the local council’s insurance company.

If your accident occurred on private property or land then your claim will be against the land owner or their insurance company, if they are held legally liable for your injuries.

If you were at work when the accident occurred then the claim may be against your employers insurers.

What should I do after my accident?

Taking the following steps will often assist with your claim but failure to do so will not prevent your case from being successful.  For advice tailored to your accident circumstances please contact our team directly.

Report the accident

When you have been involved in an accident in a public place you may feel embarrassed and keen to leave the premises. Even if you have sustained a minor injury it is advisable for you to make a formal report of the accident to the owner or a responsible person working at the premises. Also take a note of the person to whom the accident was reported as this will be required by the insurance company if you decide to pursue a claim for compensation.

Failure to report your accident may adversely affect any claim you make at a later date. Sometimes it can take several hours or even days for the full extent of an injury to become apparent so it is important that the accident is reported as soon as possible.

If an accident form is completed on the premises you must ensure that the facts are recorded accurately. Do not sign a form unless you are completely happy with the accident description. Ask for a copy of any accident form which is completed on your behalf.

Obtain details of any witnesses

If there were any independent witnesses to your accident you should obtain their names and contact details as they may be able to provide crucial evidence to assist with your claim, especially if liability is denied by the insurance company.  We will contact the witnesses on your behalf and obtain a statement to support your claim.

Take photographs

If you are physically able to obtain photographs immediately after the accident this may be crucial evidence to assist in proving your claim.  Your injuries may prevent you from taking photos immediately but if you are accompanied by a friend or family member ask them to take some photographs or a witness may also be able to help you.  It is not essential that you have photographs but photos can often be the strongest evidence in a slip and trip accident.

Seek medical advice

If you have suffered injuries as a result of your accident it is important that you seek medical treatment and always follow the advice of the medical professionals.  If you decide to pursue a claim for compensation it may be necessary to obtain copies of your medical records.  It is therefore important that you explain accurately how your accident occurred to your GP or hospital staff.

Obtain advice from an experienced solicitor

With knowledge and expertise in pursuing a wide range of slip and trip claims, our lawyers will secure you the maximum compensation. Our solicitors have dealt with many of the complex legal issues associated with slip and trip claims over the years; wherever your slip or fall happened, we will provide you with the best legal advice to secure you the maximum compensation.

Contact our specialist team for no obligation advice on your claim on 0800 980 9390 or use our online contact form and we will be in touch to provide tailored advice depending on the circumstances and location of your accident. All of our tripping and slipping claims are dealt with on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

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