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Is my job at risk if I make a claim for compensation?

Safeguarding your job and planning for the future

We understand that one of your main concerns after an accident at work may be your job security. Many people are reluctant to make a claim against their employer, fearing that they may be dismissed as a result.
It is important to remember;

  • It is not lawful for an employer to dismiss somebody just because they make a personal injury claim against them. The level of the protection that you have if this were to happen depends on a number of factors. We can explain the position to you quickly and easily before we start your claim.
  • All businesses are required, by law, to take out insurance cover to cover the cost of any compensation claims. This means that it is your employer’s insurance company that will pay your compensation, and not your employer.

Problems with employers are very rare.  In most cases their main concern is to get you better and back to work as soon as possible; that’s best for them and their insurers.

Your injuries may mean that you are unable to return to work, or you may feel that you cannot complete the same tasks as easily as before your accident. We take this into account when fighting for your compensation, ensuring that your compensation settlement will enable you to make the best possible recovery, helping you to return to work and stay in employment.

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Why are people reluctant to make an accident at work claim?

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