Early compensation / Interim payments

After an accident you may be forced to take time off work to recover from your injuries, which may cause financial difficulties for you and your family. We try and minimise unnecessary stress by seeking early compensation payments or interim payments, so you are not left struggling before you receive your full compensation settlement.

What is an interim payment?

An interim payment is a part payment or a payment on account of your final compensation award.  Any early or interim payments which are received will be deducted from the total compensation award made at the end of your claim.

These early payments can help to cover

  • Loss of earnings if you are unable to work after your accident
  • Any shortfall between your statutory sick pay and wages
  • Care and domestic services
  • Replacement items damaged in the accident
  • Private medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Aids or adaptations to your home
  • Transport costs
  • Any other financial losses suffered as a result of your accident.

How much can I claim?

Any interim payment will be assessed based on the overall value of your claim.  An interim payment cannot exceed a reasonable proportion of the overall likely value of your claim.

When can I claim an interim payment?

The insurers will only make an interim payment if they admit that their insured was at least partly responsible for the injuries sustained.  Once liability for the accident has been admitted you can make a request for an interim payment.  If the insurers refuse to make an early payment an application can be made to the court.

You should not have to cope with the additional stress of financial worries after you have been injured. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to enable you and your family to maintain the lifestyle that you were enjoying before the accident occurred and will ensure that you do not lose out because of your accident.

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