Stress in the Workplace

Although work pressures affect all of us at some point in our lives, there is an increased awareness that periods of prolonged stress can lead to a range of mental health and physical problems. Therefore, your employer owes you a legal duty of care to provide you with a healthy and safe environment in the workplace, which includes protection from risk of any harm.

A failure to exercise reasonable care to prevent personal injury (physical or mental) , could mean your employer have breached their duty of care towards you. This means they may be responsible to pay you compensation for any bad treatment you have endured, including any loss of earnings incurred as a result. Therefore, if you are an employee who has been subjected to work related stress and this has caused you a potential psychiatric injury, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer.

If you believe you are suffering from work-related stress, we would advise that you speak to someone such as HR and try to seek resolution to the matter. In the event that this cannot be sorted on an informal basis, you could raise a formal grievance against your employer by following your companies procedures. If you become too ill to attend work at all, we would advise that you contact your GP and ask for a suitable fit note. In the alternative, you could contact us for free and confidential advice on what to do next.

We have experience in dealing with a range of work-related stress claims, ranging from:

  • Bullying/Harassment at work, including assaults
  • Discrimination
  • Excessive workloads
  • Sexual harassment

We are one of the few firms dealing with Stress at work claims in the UK, so you can rest assured that you would be in safe hands in dealing with someone who has an understanding and sympathy in what you may be going through. We understand that work pressures can have adverse effects on your life, so we promote that individuals prioritise their wellbeing and mental health. If you wish to contact us for a free and impartial chat, feel free to contact us on 0800 980 9390 or use our contact form below and an advisor will be able to assess whether you further on whether pursuing a claim may be an option for you.

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