If you have developed an industrial disease then you could be entitled to claim compensation from your former employers’ insurers.  You can claim for the pain, suffering and impact on your day to day life which is known as “general damages”.  You are also entitled to recover any financial losses that are reasonably attributable to the industrial disease which are known as “special damages”.

General Damages

The pain, suffering and loss of quality of life caused by industrial diseases can vary considerably.  Industrial diseases can take the form of mild dermatitis causing symptoms for only a couple of weeks, but at the other extreme, in the cases of serious asbestos related illness, it can cause intense pain and even death.  We leave no stone unturned in investigating your claim for general damages in a thorough but sensitive way.

The value of General Damages

The value of general damages in industrial disease claims will vary considerably. In a case of skin irritation an award may be less than £2,000. In cases of asbestos related cancer then the award is very likely to be over £50,000 and in some cases it could approach £100,000.

Working out what a claim for general damages is worth is not straightforward. Detailed medical evidence would be obtained from an independent doctor or consultant. Using that evidence and also any statements obtained, the claim is valued with reference to established guidelines and also previous awards for general damages made by the court.

Special Damages

Special damages are essentially financial losses that result from you developing an industrial disease. The type of financial losses recovered will depend very much on the type of disease. In the most serious asbestos related claims there may be long term care and assistance and also a claim for loss of earnings, loss of pension and private medical treatment.

In more minor cases where there is no absence from work the claim for special damages could be limited to minor travel expenses and the cost of pain relief.

We will thoroughly investigate any financial losses that have been incurred as a result of you developing an industrial disease.

The value of the Special Damages Claim

The value of every claim will differ given that everybody’s circumstances are unique to them. The claim could be limited to modest prescription costs but, in more significant disease claims the award for financial loss may be several hundred thousand pounds. We will ensure that you recover everything to which you are entitled.

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