The Importance of Health and S...

The Importance of Health and Safety at Work

Posted : 26th April 2019

Health and safety at work is one of the most important factors in keeping businesses functioning and successful. 

Your employer is required by law to follow up to date health and safety regulations, however, accidents at work still happen and they can lead to catastrophic consequences for employees.

Health and Safety at Work Statistics

According to RIDDOR, 144 workers in the UK were killed in work accidents in 2017/18 alone, an estimated 555,000 non-fatal injuries to workers were self-reported and 71,062 non-fatal injuries were reported by employers.

It is also reported that 420,000 of the non-fatal injuries had more than 7 days of absence from work as a result of the injuries. This absence could have a negative impact on their life, leaving them temporarily without an income and worrying about how they will pay their bills or provide for their family.

Being unable to work due to a workplace injury can cause significant stress. On top of the personal impact of being injured, there are other factors that contribute to that stress. You may be unable to do jobs around the home without assistance and may be unable to continue your hobbies or socialise with friends.

The most common causes of an accident at work are slip, trip or fall accidents, closely followed by manual handling, lifting or carrying, being struck by a moving object and acts of violence.

Hazardous Working Environments

Teesside is known for its heavy industry; steel, chemical, construction, building, welding and mining. However, all work environments can be extremely dangerous places, no matter what industry you work in, which is why all employers should follow health and safety at work regulations.

As reported by the Independent, the most dangerous jobs in descending order are:

  • Waste collection
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical, plumbing and other installation
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Joining and Painting
  • Lorry driving
  • Roofing and Scaffolding
  • Construction
  • Farming

Specialist Work Injury Advice

Director and accidents at work compensation specialist, Anthony McCarthy, said: “ On Health and Safety at Work Day it is important we recognise how vital it is that all employers, in every sector, institute a genuine health and safety culture. Many do so already, and that is to be applauded, but too many do not which leads to preventable accidents and illnesses at work.”

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