When a relationship breaks down it can often be a stressful time for all parties involved. You may have simply been living together or have chosen to show your commitment to each other by entering into a civil partnership. If you are, or have been, living together then we would recommend you read our Living Together page.

Civil partnerships are still a relatively new concept and we appreciate that you may be unsure what options are available to you.

When a couple in a civil partnership decide to separate, you may wish to seek a civil partnership dissolution. Anyone wishing to seek a dissolution must prove that the civil partnership has broken down beyond repair. There are four basic grounds for this:

  • ‘Unreasonable behaviour’, where your partner has behaved in a manner that makes them impossible to live with
  • You and your partner have lived apart for at least two years and agree that you want to end the civil partnership
  • You have lived apart for at least five years
  • Your partner has deserted you for a period of two years or more.

As part of the separation and dissolution process you may also require advice on resolving financial and property issues between you. Whatever your circumstances, we are committed to providing you with pragmatic, tailor-made advice suited to your specific needs.

At Macks we have extensive experience in all matters relating to the breakdown of a civil partnership. Our lawyers are fully qualified in collaborative law, meaning that wherever possible we will seek to resolve your situation outside of court, saving you both money and stress. Whatever your situation, we will discuss all of the options available and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Please contact us today if you would like to speak to one of our lawyers about civil partnership dissolution.