Solicitors in our family law team are fully trained in collaborative law, meaning that wherever possible we will seek to resolve your case outside of court, saving you not only money, but more importantly stress.

Collaborative law is a relatively new method of resolving the issues that arise when relationships break down and is becoming increasingly popular across the UK. If a couple wants to separate or divorce, then they can use the collaborative process to reach an agreed settlement, rather than having to go to court. The main principle behind collaborative law is that you and your partner are in charge of the process rather than your solicitors, giving you control over the decisions that are important to you.

Collaborative law involves you and your partner sitting down with your respective lawyers, all committed to reaching an agreed settlement that you and your partner are satisfied with. You will discuss and negotiate the matters that are important to you through a series of ‘four-way meetings’, at a pace that suits you. Your lawyers will provide advice and support throughout the process, however you and your partner will be in control of the decisions made. The most important feature about the process is that everyone commits at the outset to finding a solution amicably and without resorting to court applications.

There are many benefits for you in using collaborative law. As decisions do not revolve around court appointments the process of reaching a settlement is immediately more flexible, allowing you and your partner to take the time you need to reach an agreement that suits you both. Most importantly, you will remain in control of all decisions made, rather than that power being handed over to the court. Although collaborative law is not suitable for everyone, in many cases it can be an extremely effective way to resolve settlement disputes with your partner.

Many clients tell us that for them, the ability to sit down in a controlled environment and work with their separated spouse or partner to find a solution together has enabled them to establish a dialogue for the future and agree settlement terms that they both recognise are of benefit to the whole family.

At Macks we understand that just because you have chosen to separate, this does not mean that you want to become embroiled in a vicious court battle and that for most couples family ties remain important even after separation.

If you would like more information on collaborative law, please contact us today.