A “no win, no fee” agreement, or a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA), enables you to engage personal injury solicitors and start a compensation claim without worrying about how to fund it. It means that access to justice isn’t just restricted to those who can afford it.

Significantly, in a “no win, no fee” arrangement no money is paid up front, so the victim of an accident doesn’t need to worry about having to pay out large sums when they begin their claim.

“No win, no fee” is typically offered by personal injury solicitors in both personal injury and  medical negligence claims and means you won’t be required to pay your solicitor’s fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

If your claim is successful, however, your personal injury solicitor will usual receive a portion of your compensation to cover their costs. This would be agreed before the claims process begins. The losing party’s insurers covered legal costs until the system was changed in April 2013. Solicitors will now typically take a 25 per cent cut of your awarded compensation since the change in the law.

Macks’ personal injury lawyers and medical negligence solicitors in Middlesbrough operate on a “no win, no fee” basis.

You can call us on 01642 252 828 to discuss your claim and we will assess its chances of success, but you’ll be under no obligation to proceed. You can also call in to one of our offices in Middlesbrough, Darlington, and Redcar.

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