Woman injured in Rugby Club prank

A Welsh woman suffered head injuries this weekend after she was crushed by a heavy metal lawn roller whilst asleep in her tent at a Rugby Club. A shocked Emma Winch, 26, was rushed to hospital in Aberystwyth, where doctors feared she may have fractured her cheekbone, as well as suffering severe bruising.

Ms Winch was due to play in a rugby match at Aberaeron Rugby Club, had been camping with two friends when they heard laughing and loud noises outside the tent early on Saturday morning. The lawn roller smashed into their tent, striking Ms Winch on the head; her friends, who called for help, reported seeing someone running away from the scene.

‘Very disappointed’

Ms. Winch is now waiting for the results of five x-rays, after returning home to Bridgend on Sunday morning. 21 men were arrested by Dyfed-Powys Police on Saturday, but were later released on bail. Rugby Club Secretary Glyndwr Evans spoke on behalf of the club, who disqualified the Merthyr team involved in the accident from the weekend competition, saying they were “very disappointed,” (BBC News, 2009).

While police are unable to identify which of the men taken into custody was responsible, witnesses were called forward to aid the inquiry. Without an individual coming forward to take responsibility for the accident, police had no choice but to arrest all 21 men. The prosecution is pending on the police gathering further information.

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