Stiletto slip injury wins payout

A pub has paid compensation to a woman injured in their smoking area

A woman has won £18,000 compensation after she suffered a broken leg when her stiletto heel was caught on paving in a pub garden.

Medical evidence shown to the pub’s insurance company settled the case. 40-year-old Selena Gilder was smoking outside a Gloucestershire pub in 2007 when she snagged her heel on broken concrete. Her lawyers argued that the smoking area was dimly lit, the concrete uneven, and a door left unsealed, which Ms Gilder fell through in an attempt to break her fall.

The woman had to be operated on three times, where on one occasion pins were fitted to her knee. She has been unable to walk two months after her last operation. Her solicitor said Ms Gilder “was off work for eight or nine months; she suffered scarring and needed operations,”

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