Scarred from Dog Attack

When Julie Sturgess’ five year old son Lewis went to pat a black and white dog which had been tied up outside a bakers shop, it leapt up at him and bit him on the face.

Lewis managed to kick himself free and ran home to his mother and her partner, Stephen Wanless, who took him straight to James Cook University Hospital.

Lewis was treated for his dog bite injuries , undergoing two and a half hours of plastic surgery to his mouth and nose. Although he is now recovering from his ordeal doctors have said that his nose will be scarred for life.

Cleveland Police are still trying to trace the owner of the dog who left the scene of the attack, with the dog, shortly after it happened. Anyone who has any information about the attack, or knowledge of the man or dog involved, should contact 01642 301926.

Unfortunately, attacks by dogs on children under nine account for 1in 5 of all attacks and it is children who tend to suffer the most serious injuries. In addition to the pain and suffering caused by the injuries an attack can have long term psychological consequences.

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