Man Left Disabled After Drunk-Driving Car Crash

A man who was involved in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver is seeking compensation for the injuries he has suffered.

The road traffic accident occurred on the 26th June 2006 when the offending driver, Scott Warren, from Ilford in Crawley, drove his VW Caddy straight into David Frost’s Ford Fiesta. The head-on collision, occurring on the Balcombe road in Crawley, broke Mr Frost’s back by fracturing four of his vertebrae, as well as causing him a head injury and a badly fractured right hand. Mr Frost also suffered severe fractures in both of his thighs, and as a result of his injuries was forced to undergo no less than 10 operations. After having pins and plates inserted into his legs to treat the fractures, Mr Frost was left in constant pain and unable to work. When the supporting frameworks were finally removed in 2007, Mr Frost’s pain was alleviated but he was still deemed unfit for work due to the fact that he was still suffering under some discomfort, had to walk with a stick, and was still facing the prospect of further medical treatment and surgery.

After the accident, Scott Warren was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol with a high court writ alleging that as well as being over the limit, Mr Warren was also driving too fast, was on the wrong side of the road and had failed to drive with due care and attention. He has been banned from driving for four years, and must carry out 200 hours of community service. Mr Frost is seeking £300,000 in compensation for his accident in order to cover wages lost and the potential cost of his future medical care.

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