You’ve been Framed but is Someone to Blame?

We may all have a good laugh watching the slips and trips on ‘You’ve been Framed’ but slipping and tripping accidents can have serious consequences.

The following scenes are typical of those shown:

  1.  A lady is shopping for the family in her local supermarket when she steps on a spillage on the floor. Her feet slip from underneath her and as she falls she knocks over a stack of tins which roll around the floor.
  2.  A young man is walking along a pathway, he is chatting to a friend on his mobile phone when his leg disappears down a hole and he falls.

The film clip is stopped before we have the chance to see the outcome of accident but while incidents like these may look amusing have you ever considered what may have happened after the video ended?

What happened next?

  1. After slipping and knocking over the tins, the lady in the supermarket landed heavily on her outstretched arm. Her wrist was swollen and deformed so she went to the A & E department of her local hospital where she was x-rayed. It was found that she had a fracture of the radius and ulna and a cast was put on her lower arm.She worked on the production line of a factory and, being right handed, was unable to work for four weeks. She received only statutory sick pay while she was off work and missed out on bonuses and the regular overtime that she relied upon to boost her wages. This left her, a single parent, and her family struggling financially.
  2. The young man suffered cuts and bruises to his legs, right arm and ribs and suffered an injury to his right knee. He was in a great deal of pain, his knee was badly swollen and walking was almost impossible. He was referred to the hospital and examination indicated a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. Surgery wasn’t deemed necessary but a course of physiotherapy was required to help restore full range of motion followed by strengthening exercises.An enthusiastic player in a local football team, he was unable to take part in any games until leg strength and co-ordination had returned to normal and even then he needed to wear a leg brace for extra support while playing. He was off work for a number of weeks and lost earnings as a result.

Incidents like the ones described above are typical of accidents that happen daily. In both the above examples their accidents a result of the injuries would have been painful and both of the victims would have suffered financially as well as physically.

If these examples happened in real life, it would be advisable for the victims to contact a solicitor to find out if they would be able to recover damages. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault you and would like to know if you would be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation contact Macks Solicitors.

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